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  • Avi Loeb

    Avi Loeb

    Avi Loeb is the Frank B. Baird Jr Professor of Science and Institute director at Harvard University and is the bestselling author of “Extraterrestrial”.

  • Robert Ford

    Robert Ford

    I once wrote android software at Delos, now I write about the unseen realities of our universe.

  • SignalsIntelligence


    Twitter: @SignalsIntelUFO

  • The Hermetic Penetrator

    The Hermetic Penetrator

    Vipassana & Cognitive Human Interface

  • Galán Vázquez

    Galán Vázquez

    Painter, Graphic Designer, Seville Spain, Member of the Center for Interplanetary Studies of Barcelona. Research Correspondent at UFO-SVERIGE

  • Fred Andersson

    Fred Andersson

    Author, thinker, television freelancer, mystery aficionado and cat lover.

  • Matthew Kresal

    Matthew Kresal

    Matthew Kresal is a writer, critic, and podcaster with many and varying interests. He is the author of Silver Archive: Dark Skies for Obverse Books.

  • David Bates

    David Bates


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